Microsoft Outlook is one of the best email clients used by several users for personal and professional purposes. Outlook allows you to send and receive emails with attachments, and these attachments can be a file, images, or PDFs. But many users face issues with Outlook. Recently, we have discovered users facing difficulties in sending and receiving emails as their “Microsoft Outlook Disconnected” from the server. In this situation, the computer system has lost the connection with the server or internet. There can be further reasons for the disconnected issues in Outlook, which we will enlighten in this blog. Moreover, we also get the solutions to resolve your issues, and you get your connection back to the Outlook server. 

Why is Microsoft Outlook Disconnected?

There could be a few reasons why Outlook showing disconnected. The most common ground is that your system is not connected to the internet. It can be due to various reasons, such as a bad internet connection, a problem with the router, or computer network settings. Another possibility is that the Microsoft account needs to configure appropriately. This can happen if the account is not set up correctly or you have a disabled account. Finally, it is also possible that there is a problem with the Microsoft account itself. This can happen if someone hacks your account or has a problem with the account's password. 

There can be other reasons why is your Microsoft Outlook disconnected from server:

  • Incorrect password or username entered. 
  • The VPN server is down. 
  • Windows Firewall is blocking the VPN.
  • You are using an old or outdated VPN client.
  • When VPN needs to be appropriately configured. 
  • Your antivirus software is blocking the VPN.
  • ISP blocking the VPN.
  • You are exceeding the VPN's bandwidth limit
  • The VPN's server overloads

After getting the reasons for the disconnection of your Outlook, let’s move to the solutions that will fix it.


It is the central part that you are looking for. It is the solution section of the blog. Below is the troubleshooting solution that can fix your issue. 

Use Safe Mode and Remove Add-ins

Opening Outlook in safe mode can help you with Microsoft Outlook disconnected issues. The Safe Mode will block other programs' interference and only launch Outlook. If Outlook launches in safe mode and is still not connected, we will remove the faulty add-ins further. First, open Outlook in safe mode and connect it with the following steps: 

  1. First, press the Windows + R keys to get the Run Command Window.
  2. Secondly, type Outlook.exe/safe in the Run field and press the Enter or OK button.

When Outlook opens in safe mode, try to connect; if connected, pursue your work. If not, remove the faulty add-ins to fix the issue. 

  1. Go to the File and then choose Options from the left.
  2. Now, choose Add-ins and click on Go.
  3. After that, you have to uncheck all the add-ins from the dialog box.
  4. After unchecking, click on OK. 
  5. Next, check that Outlook connects to the mail server. If yes, go back to COM Add-ins and enable one Add-in. Perform this until you find the faulty add-ins interrupting the mail server's connection.
  6. After finding the fault, you can remove it by checking it from the list and clicking on Remove.


There are many reasons why is Microsoft Outlook disconnected. It could be because of a lousy connection, server issue, or other reasons we mention in this blog. We provide the solutions you can do to try and fix the issue. If you need help with these, you can contact our Email Experts to get it resolved. Thank You!